I was born in Hungary – travelled around in Europe & USA – spent 1 year in Tunesia learning Arabic ( the language and music). Since 1997 I have been staying in South Africa.

I love playing the violin and the guitar (and whatever I find to make noise with… like drums, didjeridoo, rainstick,  etc.) About 10 years ago I have discovered the Internet and open source technology – I haven’t stopped learning since.

Exploring openness, music and guru-shishya parampara

I have had this subtitle for long and I find it still fits the things I do – the things that interest me most.


The way I see it – openness has infinite dymensions and levels – once a door has opened – there are always new ones to open. Openness might mean to me different ways of sharing things, material things, sharing time, sharing knowledge. A good way to become more open and accepting to new things is by travel. Moving to Africa is my way of teaching myself more openness – learning to understand the world, life better.


Music has been with me …hmm may be even before I was born …. music is such a universal language ….. listening to live music is a very special experience and playing music myself … is the only way for me to be deeply present and be with the moment …. playing music is unlike anything else. This is why this blog has lots music – I truly believe – music talks to everyone ( regardless of cultural background ) and get to explain important things in such a deep way ….

Guru-shishya parampara

I learned this expreession long ago – may be when I was about 19 – it has such a ring to it – don’t you think ?

I heard it often at the weekly sessions of the Calcutta Trio – Hungarian musicians who mastered the sitar and tabla and played ragas for us on Monday evenings. Zoltan and Peter would sit down and talk to us about the way they used to learn the sitar and tabla from Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha.

So what does it mean? Here is what the Wikipedia says :

The guru-shishya tradition, lineage, or parampara, denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Indian culture and religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is the tradition of spiritual relationship and mentoring where teachings are transmitted from a guru “teacher” Sanskrit: गुरु) to a śiṣya “disciple” (Sanskrit: शिष्य) or chela. Such knowledge, whether it be Vedic, agamic, architectural, musical or spiritual, is imparted through the developing relationship between the guru and the disciple. It is considered that this relationship, based on the genuineness of the guru, and the respect, commitment, devotion and obedience of the student, is the best way for subtle or advanced knowledge to be conveyed. The student eventually masters the knowledge that the guru embodies.

….. the reason why I included this expression in the subtitle is …because I think we are all students and teachers – learning to be the best student and the best teacher possible – is a very important angle in life.

Thanks for visiting :) – hopefully with time – the posts here will give you a good picture of my discoveries of openness, music and guru-shishya parampara.

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  • anasyro says:

    Hi Szvanna. So much wisdom in here. So much love for life in general. I enjoyed looking into your blogs, which together gave a good impression of your amazing personality to me. But of course I have some comment, as you might as well have expected. You know me! ;-)
    Does total openness exist? Can someone approach the world in absolute openness? I doubt that! To a certain degree you can open up, almost totally, but you will always do that on the basis of some presumptions that make that openness possible. Being open to everything might suggest you have not frame of reference whatsoever. And you do have that Szvanna, I am sure. You have your roots too, a history, to a certain degree closed up in your wonderfull personality, that does not prevent you from exploring, but gives you the ability to do so, without loosing contact with your history that made you too. I am not contradicting you, but simply wondering if you are so open to reality that you can permit yourself to acknowledge the fact that you depend on being ‘closed’ to a certain degree? xxx Ana

    • admin says:

      Hi Ana – I hope you can get this reply ;) You are very right – how open one can be? The way I see it – my “about page” ( which is me really ) gets complented and gets more clear and complete with each comment and reply I get. My angle is a very very tiny slice of life – I could never possibly be the knower of “openness” – just by myself. A group of people – looking at the same thing – each from their own angle – together – can get a bit closer to something is more true …I think.
      To devote my life to exploring new levels of openness – sounds like a great life to have ;) What u think? Hugs – thanks for popping into whitezululand ;)

  • Anasyro says:

    Hey white zulugirl,
    I agree with your idea about multiple perspectives. It is a well known perspective in science too, called ‘triangulation’ and offers a more valid perspective on the world you are exploring. Let’s consider it a matter of validity, for a moment. If a group of people is willing to cooperate in exploring (a piece of) the world, can we then deduce that an isolated explorer always has a not so valid perspective on its own? And if that is the case, is exploring on your own not a very risky undertaking, based on assumptions that might appear to be illusions. My conclusion would be that exploring new levels of openness presupposes the exchange of perspectives. Without that it will dry up, become infertile and unproductive. And that is exactly that you prevent doing, by providing this blog, on the basis of which I am very happy to respond. Still, I did not understand your reply on my statement that openness assumes being ‘closed’ to a certain extent. Wonder what your answer will be.
    Ana (a Friend)

    • admin says:

      Hi Ana ;) I love your words ;) Hmm you know… openess is also just a word – hmm if one tries to define it – it would be something like …”ready to be accepting new things into your life – as each moment arrives”. Without closedness there is no openness either – may one could look at it as something fluid – that constantly changes – sometimes sliding more to the open side – other times more towards the closed side … bit like a thermometer hehe – you know what I mean?

  • Anasyro says:

    I love the metaphore of a river and talking about openness like it’s a fluid operating. But again, looking at my argument about closedness in relation to openness, I would like to repeat that we can’t imagine a river without the bed it runs through! It might also explain why you so often in relations that weird combination of an extravert person (mostly feminine) and a more introvert (mostly masculine) one (talking about gender here, not genitals!). Somehow that difference attracts. For me is still is a puzzle to understand how those opposite poles can represent open and closed personalities within that combination, why someone likes to be the bed in which another fluid runs. But it is all over the globe if you ask me. I would like to make an exception: some personalities embrace both aspects and they seem to interact in one person too. Those happen to become independent from an outer bed and can easily be the bed in which they themselves become fluid. It is an accomplisment to become such a personality, a personality that can say no and yes at the same time, admitting the fragility and vulnerability of being confused all the time. Not feminine and also not masculine, not the fluid, not the bed. Although associating like that might be seen as a cliche, I would argue in favour of the integration of both aspects of life, integrated in one personality. No balance directed at the outside world, but just balance inside. Yes, like a thermometer! I agree. I know what you mean!

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